EPC is a provider of Management and Technical Solutions to Oil & Gas and Capital Intensive Industries.

Plant Data Handover:

Ensuring the right data is handed over from engineering through construction and into operations can save millions.

However making this happen is non-trivial, and usually not well done on major capital facility project when a number of project participants are involved.. A major reason for this is lack of handover standard from the beginning of project – and associated main contractors, subcontracts and euipment vendors that produce them – do not actually generate all of the information needed for operations and in the same format. This is further compounded by the fact that the right operations personnel from the owners side are typically not engaged in detailed information requirements gathering during a capital facilities project. EPC Solution has participated a number of world class projects and can assist you to not only define the requirements of what data you need into operations, but also help oversee that this information is adequately captured across all project stakeholders and delivered not only during the engineering phase, but also into and throughout the fabrication, construction and hand-over phases of the project..