EPC is a provider of Management and Technical Solutions to Oil & Gas and Capital Intensive Industries.
Virtual Construction 4D simulation:




According to Center for Integrated Facility Engineering at Stanford University (CIFE), over the past 30 years many industries in the US have seen dramatic productivity improvements; the construction industry has been an exception to this trend. The US construction industry wastes approximately $15.8 billion each year because of? fragmentation and lack of interoperability between tools to share information between? project participants. The concepts of Virtual Design and Construction and Integrated Project Delivery has been suggested by CIFE as way to improve productivity in the construction industry.




At EPC, we believe that construction project delivery can dramatically improve by using our 4D Integration Solution (4D BIM) which allows 4D simulation and virtual reality to be created. This 4D Integration Solution allows users to agglomerate large 3D models and data, and create smart links to tasks in schedules using the imported 3D model. Teams are able to holistically review the integrated models and data, analyze options, coordinate disciplines, resolve conflicts and optimize projects before construction starts and continue to utilize the solution as a management tool throughout the duration of the project.



EPC’S 4D Integration Solution revolutionizes the planning of your capital projects, reducing overall project risk while improving the quality of the planning and validation process.


Our solution enables 4D planning, simulation and the validation of schedules for capital projects. Whether the project is on outage for maintenance, undergoing a major refurbishment or even new construction, companies can plan scheduled activities in detail and avoid the unforeseen problems that can result in expensive rework and schedule delays. In addition, work tasks, robotics and assembly simulations can be performed to reduce the risk of health and safety incidents, identify potential work-related injuries and evaluate equipment removal and installation.




EPC Solution is a Beijing based software and information technology services company focused on providing IT project management solutions for capital management projects and capital intensive industries. EPC’s software and services have been successfully implemented in major Chinese domestic and international projects covering the oil & gas, natural resources, environmental, construction, infrastructure and chemical and petrochemicals industries.

The Company is a leader in the nascent EPPM market in China and has developed a reputation as an innovative pioneer in the Chinese market. EPC has received numerous awards from the Project Management Institute and various Chinese ministries for its work on major projects with leading Chinese state-owned enterprises, Chinese private businesses and the China branches of multi-national corporations.