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iTrackling in work with large capital project



With increasing size and complexity of the latest capital projects, the construction phase of project will require coordination of multi sizes activities that each will be responsible of different aspect of works in fabrication, modularization and field installation. This will present of various challenges to EPC contractor and or owners, this including but not limited to: ?


Large quantity of materials and design to build equipment will be shipped between different sites for fabrication and modularization, ?


Huge number of finished modular will be shipped to finally installation site ? Detail and accurate work progress reports and quality checks will be required from each sites on regular basis, ?


The highest quality standard of fabrication works need to be maintained at each site and reported on regular basis.


In order to meet up this challenge, the use of traditional project management software in planning and material management alone is not sufficient; here is our purposely built iTacking come into the picture. iTracking is designed with four modules namely Procurement Status Tracking, Fabrication Tracking, Quality Tracking and Modular Movement Tracking.


iTacking is web based design and enable with mobile application for the field use. Tt incorporated latest mobile technology including RFID, Bar Cod and GPS and can be connected to existing project and material management software to provide accurate, up to date and complete information that will be valuable to both EPC contractor and subcontractor alike. .