EPC is a provider of Management and Technical Solutions to Oil & Gas and Capital Intensive Industries.
Organization Project Management:



One of the largest stated owned renewable energy companies experienced a significant increase in project workload as the demand of renewable energy surging in recent years. Recognizing the need to drive consistent best practice performance across all of their capital projects, this owner organization requested EPC to develop a Project Management Manual for use in all of their capital development projects across multi business units. Taken into consideration of project life cycle management, the newly designed Project Management Manual has to cover the three tier management structure, namely the group, operating company and project company level,


EPC assembled a team consisting of experienced planners and information system specialists together with project management specialists on a short notice to work at client project team office.




After the initial pilot works, Manual generated from this assignment was used effectively by three tier of management structure. Clearly the overall system and protocols/responsibility have been appropriately structured and the project company is provided with detail work processes, application techniques to support the execution of capital projects.




EPC’s organization consulting provides companywide project improvement services, The services will offer benefits across the project organization and provide the foundation of effective project planning and execution project portfolio improvement. 



Manual Development

Project Management/Cost Estimating/Project Control/Commissioning and Start up 

Project System Analysis.

Database Development/Management/Project Controls System Development Reviews/Project Work Process and Manuals Development