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Project Management Office :



One of the largest stated owned energy companies experienced a significant increase in project workload as the demand of energy surging in recent years. Recognizing the need to drive consistent best practice performance across all of their capital projects, this owner organization requested EPC to develop and standardize best practice of Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) in their upstream oil and gas development projects.



Based on existing WBS currently used by the client project management teams and benchmark with international best practice, EPC first created standardize WBS, followed by the implementation of industry recognized software tools enabling best practices. EPC then assisted Project Management Office to deploy the best practice and software across all project teams of the client organization. The client did not have internal resource to deploy the program and EPC responded by providing a number of experienced planners/schedulers to support the initial deployment projects.




The feedback from the client’s PMO has been very positive and requested EPC to help to develop integrated WBS/CBS structure as phase 2 assignments. Upon completion of phase 2 assignment.



In over 15 years as a pacesetter in this industry, EPC has assisted many capital project intensive companies in China to establish PMO and or develop best practice across functional areas of PMO 

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